Summer Common Council Meetings

Common Council Summer Updates: Attorney Judy Schmidt-Lehman retired after more than 25 years of service to the City. Assistant City Attorney Kristen Johnson has been appointed to the position of City Attorney with Attorney Eric Erdman replacing her. We wish Judy all the best! The City has graciously accepted a $100,000 donation from First CongregationalContinue reading “Summer Common Council Meetings”

4.19.22 Common Council Meeting

Greetings, District 1 – District 2 and District 3 have new representation – Alderpersons Pamela Gantz and Devin Perock were sworn in on April 19 for their first terms; Alderperson Dan Carpenter was re-elected to his fourth term, and I was re-elected to my second term. Mayor James Boyd was also re-elected to his secondContinue reading “4.19.22 Common Council Meeting”

Dec. 21 – Jan. 22 – Feb. 22 Council Meetings

Hello District 1 – below are some updates from the City Council over the last few meetings. De Pere will soon have a new option for internet services. TDS Telecom will be installing underground broadband fiber internet across the city in the coming months, progressing slowly through the city and focusing on only a fewContinue reading “Dec. 21 – Jan. 22 – Feb. 22 Council Meetings”

11.16.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the November 16 Common Council Meeting:  The 2022 Budget was adopted unanimously by the Common Council. The proposed mil rate for the City is $6.27/$1000, which is a .32 decrease from the 2021 mil rate. Some notable funding initiatives in this budget: -support ongoing efforts of the Beautification Committee -funding to begin collectionContinue reading “11.16.2021 Common Council Meeting”

10.19.2021 Common Council Meeting

Recent De Pere Council Meeting Highlights: De Pere Police Social Worker, John Bushmaker, shared an overview of his new role. Focused on preventative measures, John has acquired training on a wide range of topics from suicide prevention, mental wellness, and best practices for first responders to sexual assault. In the first three months on theContinue reading “10.19.2021 Common Council Meeting”

9.7.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the September 7, 2021 Common Council Meeting: The Common Council accepted a donation from De Pere Baseball valued at $23,750 for installation of Jox Box and resodding at Kelly Danen Ball Fields. The Common Council approved funding in the amount of $45,700 to purchase 3 security cameras for Main Avenue and a mobileContinue reading “9.7.2021 Common Council Meeting”

8.17.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the August 17, 2021 Common Council Meeting: The De Pere Legion Baseball Team received a Municipal Commendation for winning the American League Baseball Class AAA 2021 State Championship. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding season! Funding, via the Stadium Tax Streetscape allocation, was approved for Definitely De Pere’s request to replace 29Continue reading “8.17.2021 Common Council Meeting”

7.20.21 and 8.3.21 Common Council Meetings

Recent Council Meeting Updates: The City of De Pere along with Ledgeview and Allouez was exploring combining resources to share one yard waste facility in Allouez. A land use study was recently completed showing that the Allouez site could manage the physical expansion in space at a cost of approximately $900K that would be sharedContinue reading “7.20.21 and 8.3.21 Common Council Meetings”

7.6.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the July 6, 2021 Common Council Meeting: The Humana Complex on Lawrence Drive requested a change to the City of De Pere 2010 Comprehensive Plan that would allow for the introduction of a mixture of uses, including office/retail and a mixture of high and low density residential uses. It was approved by bothContinue reading “7.6.2021 Common Council Meeting”