Summer Common Council Meetings

Common Council Summer Updates:

Attorney Judy Schmidt-Lehman retired after more than 25 years of service to the City. Assistant City Attorney Kristen Johnson has been appointed to the position of City Attorney with Attorney Eric Erdman replacing her. We wish Judy all the best!

The City has graciously accepted a $100,000 donation from First Congregational Church for the installation of a playground at Kelly Danen Park. The park equipment has been selected by the Board of Park Commissioners and we can look forward to seeing the installation of the new playground next year.

The City Council has approved a plan to replace Legion Pool. The technical design will begin in 2025, with construction starting in 2026, pending review of economic climate at that time. If the pool sustains catastrophic failure as defined as costing $250,000 or more this would trigger an immediate review of the plan and timeline. In addition to catastrophic failures, any event projected to cost more than $50,000 in repairs to Legion Pool shall generate a review of the Legion Pool timeline.

You’ll see new art installments soon thanks to Definitely De Pere – “Falling Water” will be installed on Fourth Street and “New Dawn” at the George Street Landing.

The City of De Pere’s IT Department has received four awards from Wisconsin Community Media for the 2022 Best of the Midwest Media Fest. Justine Braun/De Pere TV submitted the following videos: The Mayor’s Corner and the Walsh Plaza Dedication videos received Awards of Merit, and the Mayor’s Corner Promotion and the video highlighting the street department called The Story of a Street Sign received Awards of Excellence. Our City Staff creates fantastic content; you can check out the City’s YouTube channel at the following link:

Community Survey results are in and can be found here:

As always, you can find all meeting agendas, minutes, and videos at the following link:

We hope you had a wonderful summer with family and friends.

Shana Ledvina and Amy Kundinger – District 1, De Pere

4.19.22 Common Council Meeting

Greetings, District 1 –

District 2 and District 3 have new representation – Alderpersons Pamela Gantz and Devin Perock were sworn in on April 19 for their first terms; Alderperson Dan Carpenter was re-elected to his fourth term, and I was re-elected to my second term. Mayor James Boyd was also re-elected to his second term in office. To see the current list of elected officials and their bios, click here:

The De Pere Police Department has been allocated a grant from the State of Wisconsin. Part of the grant allocation is being used to purchase E-bikes for patrol units. The City has an extensive spread of trails and hosts large-scale public events. The use of E-Bikes will allow a more effective way to patrol and monitor special events in which large and dense crowds make vehicular patrol almost impossible. Additionally, studies have shown that having officers on bike patrol is an effective form of community policing and engagement. The department will also use some of the funds to replace 20-year-old patrol rifles. Our current rifles are unreliable and ill-equipped. The new rifles will be better equipped with optical sights that have a much higher degree of accuracy, which is important for officers to have in the event they need to respond to an active shooter situation.

The City Council has approved the latest community survey, to be conducted by the St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute. Residents will be notified of the survey by postcard, water bill insert, and social media posts. Receiving this data from residents helps us to shape the decisions we make at the Council level.

The City of De Pere will be participating in No Mow May for the second year in a row – residents can visit the following link to find out more and to sign up to participate.

All City meeting agendas, minutes, and videos can be found at the following link.

Warmer weather is on its way – enjoy!
Amy Kundinger and Shana Ledvina – District 1, De Pere

Dec. 21 – Jan. 22 – Feb. 22 Council Meetings

Hello District 1 – below are some updates from the City Council over the last few meetings.

De Pere will soon have a new option for internet services. TDS Telecom will be installing underground broadband fiber internet across the city in the coming months, progressing slowly through the city and focusing on only a few neighborhoods at a time. Residents are encouraged to visit for more information about the installation process and the services that TDS will provide.

The City of De Pere Sustainability Commission presented a Renewable Energy Work Plan to the Common Council for approval. The plan will identify a baseline assessment of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and will use that as a guideline for the City to work towards eventually achieving carbon neutrality and for tracking changes in the City’s greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Calling all pickle ball fans: the VFW tennis courts will be resurfaced this summer, along with converting one tennis court to two pickle ball courts, similar to the existing courts at Legion.

The City of De Pere is currently awaiting arrival of a new ladder truck with an approximate delivery date of May 2022. Because of uncertainty with supply chain issues and the potential push back of our delivery date, the City has entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Ashwaubenon to use one of their ladder trucks as a backup to our existing 13 year old ladder truck. 

City Council approved a standardized grant management policy for the City. The City currently depends on staff throughout the organization to identify, solicit and manage grants for their departments. The amount of staff time available and experience in managing grants differs significantly from department to department including the methods used by staff to manage ongoing reporting requirements typically associated with grant awards. This new policy will streamline and standardize the process using a centralized database to track grant progress. This policy will also allow staff the opportunity to utilize the services of a grant management firm.

Finally, the City Council approved an agreement with St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute to conduct a 2022 community survey. Questions will be developed with City staff and will be presented to the council for approval before the survey is launched.

State of De Pere is being held Wednesday, February 23rd. If you’d like to attend the luncheon to hear the latest on De Pere initiatives – register here:…/state-of-de-pere… The event is likely to fill, a digital recording will be available post-event.

All City meeting agendas, minutes and videos can be found at the following link.

Have a great week!

11.16.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the November 16 Common Council Meeting: 

The 2022 Budget was adopted unanimously by the Common Council. The proposed mil rate for the City is $6.27/$1000, which is a .32 decrease from the 2021 mil rate.

Some notable funding initiatives in this budget:

-support ongoing efforts of the Beautification Committee

-funding to begin collection of property taxes at City Hall (we will share more about this as information becomes available)

-support ongoing sustainability initiatives to enhance municipal services and facilities

-financial incentives to promote additional economic opportunities throughout the community

-support ongoing improvements to various parks and recreational facilities

-support the ongoing efforts of the Health Department to manage the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response

-replacement of numerous pieces of equipment and vehicles that support our municipal services throughout the community

Read the Mayor’s budget address here:

Link to the 2022 Budget document: 

City of De Pere Police Captain Jeremy Muraski has been promoted to Police Chief after an extensive search and interview process. The Mayor thanked Police Chief Derek Beiderwieden for his service to the City, who officially retires in December.

Final ward maps have been approved unanimously; the final map is attached.  Although most residents won’t see a change to their district or polling place, all households in the City will receive a letter identifying their ward designation and polling location for 2022 and beyond. The only change to District 1 are to the small area of S. Adams, S. Washington and S. Winnebago (south of George Street only) that has been moved from District 1 to District 2. 

The rest of the meeting agenda and the video can be found at the link below:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Shana and Amy – representing De Pere – District 1

10.19.2021 Common Council Meeting

Recent De Pere Council Meeting Highlights:

De Pere Police Social Worker, John Bushmaker, shared an overview of his new role. Focused on preventative measures, John has acquired training on a wide range of topics from suicide prevention, mental wellness, and best practices for first responders to sexual assault. In the first three months on the job, he established relationships with nearly 30 local agencies that offer services and support to our community. He’s managed nearly 80 referrals – with the majority centered on mental health, drugs, and alcohol. Recent Press Gazette article on the new position:…/de…/5814417001/

Foxview Intermediate School was formally recognized by the city for earning a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School of Honor. For 39 years, the U.S. Secretary of Education has recognized the dedication of educators and communities for their support in academics and school culture. Foxview is one of Wisconsin’s highest performing schools and represents one of the six in Wisconsin among the 325 schools recognized nationally.

The City approved an extension for an option to purchase in the East Industrial Park (off Rockland Road) to the YMCA. The YMCA has requested to align with the estimated completion date for the southern bypass and bridge in 2032.

The City approved the sale of property in the East Industrial Park for Belmark Inc. to expand their campus with manufacturing and office facilities.

With the recent data compiled from the 2020 census, the City approved new district borders. While largely similar to the previous version, (polling locations remain the same) the new district borders reflect population changes over the last 10 years. There are four districts in De Pere, two on the East side and two on the West side. Each of the four districts represents, nearly spot-on, 25% of the total city population. All residents will be receiving a letter from the City with their voting information when the maps are finalized.

Meeting agendas and the video can be found at the link below:

Have a great week!

Amy and Shana – representing De Pere – District 1

9.7.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the September 7, 2021 Common Council Meeting:

The Common Council accepted a donation from De Pere Baseball valued at $23,750 for installation of Jox Box and resodding at Kelly Danen Ball Fields.

The Common Council approved funding in the amount of $45,700 to purchase 3 security cameras for Main Avenue and a mobile surveillance trailer to be used throughout the City.

The City has renewed its agreement with Accurate Appraisal through 2025 and will continue to utilize the full market revaluation method to keep assessments in line with the housing market.

The Historic Preservation Commission approved a consulting agreement with Timothy Heggland to prepare state and federal nomination documentation for three residential properties located at 1218 Fox River Drive, 815 Nicolet Ave, and 1336 Ridgeway Blvd.

The rest of the meeting agenda and the video can be found at the link below:…

Have a great week!

Shana and Amy – representing De Pere – District 1

8.17.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the August 17, 2021 Common Council Meeting:

The De Pere Legion Baseball Team received a Municipal Commendation for winning the American League Baseball Class AAA 2021 State Championship. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding season!

Funding, via the Stadium Tax Streetscape allocation, was approved for Definitely De Pere’s request to replace 29 garbage cans in Downtown De Pere. These receptacles accommodate both garbage and recycling in one container and showcase the new City logo.

The Southern Bridge corridor is one step closer to reality! The City Council approved entering into an agreement with Brown County to split the cost of 7.6 million dollars for construction of the interchange from Lawrence Drive.

Modifications were made to the boundaries of Tax Increment Financing Districts 7, 11 and 12. Tax Increment Financing District 6 has reached the end of its life and will be closed.

The Clean Energy Resolution brought forward by the City’s Sustainability Commission was approved, committing the City to transition to clean energy infrastructure and reducing our carbon footprint for city operations.

The rest of the meeting agenda and the video can be found at the link below:…

De Pere pools are open through Sunday, August 22, plenty of time to get one last splash in before they close for the summer.

The next De Pere Beer Garden is on Tuesday, August 31, from 4:30 – 9:00 at Voyageur Park. Live music, food trucks, craft beer and kid’s entertainment – there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Please take some time to provide feedback on our Police Chief recruitment. The survey and more information can be found below:…

Have a great week!

Shana and Amy – representing De Pere – District 1

7.20.21 and 8.3.21 Common Council Meetings

Recent Council Meeting Updates:

The City of De Pere along with Ledgeview and Allouez was exploring combining resources to share one yard waste facility in Allouez. A land use study was recently completed showing that the Allouez site could manage the physical expansion in space at a cost of approximately $900K that would be shared based on each area’s population. While the study showed the space could manage an expansion – the amenities, accessibility, traffic, quality of residential living surrounding the site, and long-term feasibility resulted in the Allouez Town Board voting down moving the project forward. The current east side De Pere yard site facility has a land option until 2025 but may need to be vacated sooner. De Pere is now exploring alternative yard waste facility locations, including the potential of using 3rd party services.

Evening solicitation hours have been reduced by one hour – changing from 9pm to 8pm. Solicitors need to request a permit with the city and are made aware of the city’s solicitation process.

The city is grateful for the recent generous gift of $500K from the Nelson Family Fund. The proceeds will cover a significant portion of the cost for a new facility building at Voyageur Park. The city is developing a fundraising committee for additional donor support.

The council approved $72,300 in spending for traffic signal upgrades The city is fortunate to be CDBG eligible (a granting program for affordable housing) to expand the Oak Meadow Senior Apartment to 55 units. The estimated project cost is around $10M.

Your feedback is requested in updating the city’s comprehensive plan. Project updates and survey links are found here:…

For full details on the last two council meetings, click here:

The city pools close for the season on Sunday, August 22nd.

Have a great week!

7.6.2021 Common Council Meeting

Updates from the July 6, 2021 Common Council Meeting:

The Humana Complex on Lawrence Drive requested a change to the City of De Pere 2010 Comprehensive Plan that would allow for the introduction of a mixture of uses, including office/retail and a mixture of high and low density residential uses. It was approved by both the Plan Commission and the City Council unanimously. The City’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan can be found at the following link:…

Fox Communities Credit Union is sponsoring a brand new drive-through Holiday Light Event at Voyageur Park held during the winter months. The program is expected to grow over time as the City accumulates more lights every year. Sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to decorate trees will be available. Event updates will be posted on the City of De Pere Facebook page.

The City of De Pere will be participating in the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance Adopt-a-Launch program. The program works to engage community members in taking ownership of their lakes and rivers by helping to search for aquatic invasive species and improving boat launch areas.

The rest of the meeting agenda and the video can be found at the following link:…/Detail_Meeting.aspx…

Event Reminders: The City of De Pere is holding a dedication ceremony renaming the James Street Plaza to the Mayor Michael J. Walsh Plaza tomorrow, July 14, at 11:00 a.m. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The next De Pere Beer Garden is quickly approaching on Tuesday, July 27th from 4:30 to 9. Fingers crossed there will be sunny skies! Updates will be posted on the City of De Pere Facebook page.

Have a great week! Shana and Amy – representing De Pere – District 1