4.19.22 Common Council Meeting

Greetings, District 1 –

District 2 and District 3 have new representation – Alderpersons Pamela Gantz and Devin Perock were sworn in on April 19 for their first terms; Alderperson Dan Carpenter was re-elected to his fourth term, and I was re-elected to my second term. Mayor James Boyd was also re-elected to his second term in office. To see the current list of elected officials and their bios, click here: https://www.deperewi.gov/mayor/

The De Pere Police Department has been allocated a grant from the State of Wisconsin. Part of the grant allocation is being used to purchase E-bikes for patrol units. The City has an extensive spread of trails and hosts large-scale public events. The use of E-Bikes will allow a more effective way to patrol and monitor special events in which large and dense crowds make vehicular patrol almost impossible. Additionally, studies have shown that having officers on bike patrol is an effective form of community policing and engagement. The department will also use some of the funds to replace 20-year-old patrol rifles. Our current rifles are unreliable and ill-equipped. The new rifles will be better equipped with optical sights that have a much higher degree of accuracy, which is important for officers to have in the event they need to respond to an active shooter situation.

The City Council has approved the latest community survey, to be conducted by the St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute. Residents will be notified of the survey by postcard, water bill insert, and social media posts. Receiving this data from residents helps us to shape the decisions we make at the Council level.

The City of De Pere will be participating in No Mow May for the second year in a row – residents can visit the following link to find out more and to sign up to participate.

All City meeting agendas, minutes, and videos can be found at the following link.

Warmer weather is on its way – enjoy!
Amy Kundinger and Shana Ledvina – District 1, De Pere

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