Downtown Development

A lot of residents have expressed concern about the new developments in Downtown De Pere, and I want you to know that I hear you, loud and clear. I understand that there is a nervousness that De Pere may lose it’s small-town feel and historic allure that we love. I know that we can have the growth we need for De Pere to continue to be a quality of life leader and maintain the De Pere that we love by actively listening to residents, business owners and community leaders. In fact, the Cultural District Masterplan has already identified this as something that is important to everyone, and it’s important that City Leaders make this plan a reality.

The Mulva Cultural Center is slated for completion in 2023 and is anticipating an additional 100,000 visitors to our City annually. City Leaders need to proactively plan for the increase in visitors and activity that will come from the Mulva Cultural Center, while supporting public infrastructure and events that expand the rich experience that residents and visitors enjoy in historic Downtown De Pere.

Continued investment in our Downtown is a must. Programs like Definitely De Pere are doing an amazing job of hosting events that keep our Downtown fresh and exciting, and I look forward to supporting a continued partnership between these programs and the City.

The recently reformed facade grant program has changed the face of Downtown De Pere – literally. Incentive programs like these not only improve the look and feel of our Downtown, but they help to increase commercial property values in our City. Finding new ways to incentivize our local businesses benefits everyone, and showing business owners that De Pere is open for business keeps our storefronts desirable.

Southern Bridge Project

Local leaders need to keep pressure on state leaders to assure that the Southern Bridge Project continues to move forward in order to improve traffic congestion, pedestrian safety and connectivity in Downtown De Pere.


As your Alderperson, it is my goal to promote and encourage community involvement in local government. I hope to offer informative e-newsletters to my constituents and will use my social media platform to get the word out when important decisions are coming to Council. I want to hear from you! I am easy to reach and will be responsive to your phone calls and emails.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

– Jane Jacobs

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