7.20.21 and 8.3.21 Common Council Meetings

Recent Council Meeting Updates:

The City of De Pere along with Ledgeview and Allouez was exploring combining resources to share one yard waste facility in Allouez. A land use study was recently completed showing that the Allouez site could manage the physical expansion in space at a cost of approximately $900K that would be shared based on each area’s population. While the study showed the space could manage an expansion – the amenities, accessibility, traffic, quality of residential living surrounding the site, and long-term feasibility resulted in the Allouez Town Board voting down moving the project forward. The current east side De Pere yard site facility has a land option until 2025 but may need to be vacated sooner. De Pere is now exploring alternative yard waste facility locations, including the potential of using 3rd party services.

Evening solicitation hours have been reduced by one hour – changing from 9pm to 8pm. Solicitors need to request a permit with the city and are made aware of the city’s solicitation process.

The city is grateful for the recent generous gift of $500K from the Nelson Family Fund. The proceeds will cover a significant portion of the cost for a new facility building at Voyageur Park. The city is developing a fundraising committee for additional donor support.

The council approved $72,300 in spending for traffic signal upgrades The city is fortunate to be CDBG eligible (a granting program for affordable housing) to expand the Oak Meadow Senior Apartment to 55 units. The estimated project cost is around $10M.

Your feedback is requested in updating the city’s comprehensive plan. Project updates and survey links are found here: https://www.deperewi.gov/egov/apps/document/center.egov…

For full details on the last two council meetings, click here: http://deperecitywi.iqm2.com/Citizens/Default.aspx

The city pools close for the season on Sunday, August 22nd.

Have a great week!

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